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site specific artwork
recycled concrete debris
80' diameter

Ariane Burgess and community volunteers. Funding by the Puffin Foundation.
Begun in 2003 and completed in 2004, Ariana Burgess of Camino de Paz worked with hundreds of volunteers, families and community groups to build this oasis of peace and contemplation at the disturbed heart of the Conservancy's lands. Ariana was invited and supported by the Puffin Foundation and the Rosenstein family. Ms. Burgess with artist-in-residence Richard Mills truly divined the location for this work. Walking through the overgrown and heavily shaded wetland forest, they saw light coming through a circular clearing in the canopy.

Investigating further they came upon a rubble and invasive vine covered clearing in the woods aflutter with cabbage white butterflies. Ariana knew this was the place, the heart of the Conservancy lands that truly expressed the genius of the place - the genius loci. And so with extraordinary labor from the community - moving hundreds of dumped pieces of heavy highway concrete (NJ rubblestone!) - began the process of paying homage to the Lenape presence and the spirit of healing and renewal that the Conservancy has dedicated itself to. "The place where nature, history and art come full circle." Come walk the Labyrinth for yourself.