Richard Kirk Mills -  Paintings,  Prints,  Environmental art

NOTE TO MY COLLECTORS: I have de-linked PayPal as a method of payment. My apologies for any inconvenience. I can be reached through my contact page and arrangements can be made for payment and shipping directly with me.

About my work:
In 2010 I returned to painting full time after a fourteen year commitment to ecoart and environmental art projects. My intention from 1996 to 2010 was to merge my activism and my art in response to critical local landscape issues i.e. wetlands degradation and habitat loss, primarily through rehabilitation, community engagement and narrative strategies in the New Jersey Meadowlands.

In a June 14, 2021 interview with Directors of the Teaneck Creek Conservancy I talk about this part of my work:
If you are interested in how artists might address our climate crisis please check it out.

The new studio work continues themes of earlier paintings: structure(s) in landscape, looking out from inside through windows and doors, the northeast coastal wetlands, rural artifacts are among some that I repeatedly - and frequently in series - return to. But the primary connections are the associations brought to me by space and light.
I work from direct observation of spatial situations that attract me formally and subconsciously. The poetry of place is of my own personal mythology, a longing for lost homes; a remembrance of water; of daydreaming through windows, of silence.
I look for a subject, occasionally making a pilgrimage, and often it’s just there, in front of me. Times of day, seasons, moods of weather: all are shifting, as does scale and texture; of supports and material; of past, present and future directions; of an unexpected dialog between works.

Current and upcoming group and solo exhibitions:

Longyear Gallery
ongoing, rotating group exhibit
785 Main Street
Margaretville, N.Y. 12455
Hours: Friday - Sunday and holiday Mondays 11-4 PM

For more images and videos of ecoart works: